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Why you should use Organic Menstrual pads?

Thankfully, there are Organic choices when it comes to menstrual pads. We know how choices make a big impact, considering that on average, a woman will use up to 16,800 disposable pads and tampons during her lifetime, which is scary not only for you but also for the environment. There are so many reasons not […]

Organic feminine hygiene products – A Complete guide

As many wise people continue to make the smart decision to “go green,” it’s no surprise that more brands are producing organic and environmentally-friendly & biodegradable versions of everyday products. Organic feminine hygiene products are becoming increasingly popular, but there are always doubts, as to whether they’re better for your health than traditional options. Is […]

Tips for buying the Best Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins Online

Noraa’s biodegradable and organic sanitary napkins are your best option when it comes to buying one online.  However, it’s easy to get confused when buying biodegradable sanitary napkins online because of the million options not delivering results. Here are some tips for buying the best Biodegradable Sanitary Napkins online:  Superior Absorption:  You need to look […]

Are panty liners safe?

Are Panty liners safe? Don’t we all have these TMI questions we are too afraid to ask? Sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons, cups, and period panties, there’s a world full of possibilities when it comes to feminine care products. Even though we’re all using panty liners, are we using them correctly and are they safe […]

12 Powerful Reasons to Choose Organic Ultra-Soft Sanitary Pads

12 Powerful Reasons to Choose Organic Ultra-Soft Sanitary Pads: Noraa’s biodegradable and organic sanitary pads come with wider backs and disposable covers for a hassle-free and rash-free period experience. Here are the reasons to choose Noraaa’s Organic Ultra-Soft Sanitary Pads: Comfortable: Organic pads are made of soft, non-synthetic plant-based material. They are cushiony and highly […]

Top 5 Benefits of Organic Feminine Products

The organic sanitary feminine products can benefit you in many ways, first and foremost by directly helping in the management of menstrual hygiene and indirectly by impacting your health in general. Here are 5 benefits of using organic feminine products: Basic Hygiene: The organic, biodegradable feminine products have an efficient absorbent cellulose core which is […]

Benefits of Using Organic Cotton Sanitary Pads

Talks have always been around about how organic cotton sanitary pads are great with no toxins and chlorine bleach, but they barely talk about how it actually feels to use the organic pads compared to the non-organic ones. Because the difference is huge. Regarding the feeling of using pads made with organic cotton or synthetic […]

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